Hi beautiful womxn

I´m more than happy to welcome you here starting our journey together. 
(At this point, imagine me doing my virtual welcome-dance for you.)  

I'm Nora,
Holistic Women's & Feminine Embodiment Mentor.

I´m intuitive, creative, wild. I love all things aesthetics and nature. 

My career until now is everything but linear. With roots in art and nature, I grew into university studies of Political Education and Planetary Health, plus working in Communications for a long time. Science and societies structures made me move more and more away from my body into my mind.

 Until I lost touch with my inner nature, my intuition and with who I really was at my core. 

I was at a point, where I was constantly asking myself:
Where is the pleasure? Where is the wild? Where is the ease? 
Life shouldn´t be like this!

Searching for all those things that felt lost, took me on a path of exploration. While doing a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, undergoing a Yoga Teacher Training and studying Feminine Embodiment Coaching at School of Embodied Arts, I discovered my very own connection to nature, cyclical living and, with it, the wisdom of the feminine. 

When I opened the door to the feminine nature of my own human being, I discovered a whole new (or well known, but lost for a long time) world. Within a few weeks I healed myself from bad backpain connected to my period. Suddenly everything made sense and I really knew my path. 
Combining my knowledge with my energetic and intuitive gifts lead me to my passion: 

Supporting womxn to create their most flourishing and empowered life At Ease by Reconnecting to their inner nature and fully embodying their feminine essence. 

We need more of the feminine in our lives and the world to create balance and harmony. 
All this starts with YOU, beautiful womxn, stepping into your power! 
Reconnect to the magic within yourself and expand it to the world. 

Much love, light & energy.